About Us

Bubble Lab combines authentic Boba Tea and Asian street food with local taste and brings them to Lisbon in a contemporary way. 

We provide a unique experience where you can personalize your own Bubble tea with different flavors and colors. 

At our Lab you can create your drink from start to finish. You can choose anything from what milk you want, how sweet you want it, and how many flavors you wish to mix. 

Don’t feel like creating your own drink? Don’t worry, we always have our House Specialty drinks available. We offer a great selection of toppings, such as popping bobas, jellys, and, of course, our famous Tapioca pearls.

In addition to a wide variety of bubble tea selections, Bubble Lab offers delicious snacks like Dorayakis, Mochis, and savory & sweet Bubble Waffles. Originally created in Hong Kong, this waffle is made from delicate housemade batter, cooked fresh to order in a specialized honeycomb machine.

We stand for Highest Level of Quality. We only use premium ingredients. Bubble waffles are made by local products. Bubble Tea ingredients are sourced directly from Taiwan – place where it was originated. 

All our teas are brewed in store daily, using the highest quality tea leaves. We created our own House Infused Syrup to mix in with our Tapioca for a perfect natural sweetness.

Pair your Bubble Waffle with a Bubble Tea and let us deliver the warmth and fill the heart! 🧋❤️

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